Review: Realm Of Wolves – Shores Of Nothingness

Realm Of Wolves shows a lot of promise with their debut EP Shores Of Nothingness. Within three tracks and 12 minutes, Realm Of Wolves incorporates elements of folky, atmospheric black metal, Galar-esque choral clean vocals, Borknagar inspired melodic passages, and a closing instrumental that wouldn’t be out of place on a Panopticon record.

The title track on Shores Of Nothingness runs five minutes of the full twelve and nails the adventurous and otherworldly spirit of what Realm Of Wolves is trying to do. The track ushers forth tremolo-picked clean sections, low-register choirs whose presence invoke a sense of somberness, and singable, folky melodies. The track also brings an epic and triumphant feeling to the EP, specifically around 50 seconds in when blastbeats give way to double bass drum and slower handwork. Then “Fragments Of Self” closes out the effort with similar melodies to “Shores Of Nothingness,” but as a small clean-only guitar ensemble. The two tracks work in harmony to compliment one another with contrast, but not to where the two tracks don’t make sense together.

The issue with Shores Of Nothingness lies with the opening instrumental “Laurentia.” With its misty-and-mysterious main theme and corresponding driving black metal midsection, the track builds nicely for the majority of its runtime. Unfortunately “Laurentia” quickly quiets down toward the end and falls silent after a short bass tapping interlude, only to pick up the energy of its first two sections again once “Shores Of Nothingness” arrives. It seems like Realm Of Wolves wanted too much to happen in not enough time, which is a shame because all the ideas separately in “Laurentia” are fantastic – the execution just isn’t great.

That being said, Shores Of Nothingness shows great promise for Realm Of Wolves. Shores Of Nothingness is loaded with riffs and themes that could be fleshed out over the course of 6+ minute songs with ease and still remain interesting. It’ll be interesting to see how this band progresses over the course of the next few years and how Realm Of Wolves structures their next release. For now, Shores Of Nothingness is a great listen with a few minor bumps in the road that ultimately won’t affect your enjoyment of the great music.

Buy Shores Of Nothingness here.

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