Review: Backwoods Payback – Future Slum

Future Slum is what I’d imagine Whores would sound like if they were fronted by Chris Cornell with a sore throat. Or maybe Nirvana if they married their grungy simplicity with the noise rock movement they weren’t (really) around for. No matter how you want to look at it, Future Slum by Backwoods Payback is an uncompromisingly dirty and honest rock album from a newly-minted trio that’s at the top of its game.

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Transmission III: Featuring Gevurah, Allegaeon, Thou, Unearthly Trance, Uada, and More!

Didn’t keep up with the news last week? Here’s everything you missed from July 23 to July 29, condensed down.

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Review: Ripped To Shreds – 埋葬

Andrew Lee rooted down in the death metal scene last year with his band Disincarnation‘s only demo. The band promptly broke up after the release, propelling Lee to operate as a solo artist named Ripped to Shreds. Armed with the only Disincarnation song he wrote by himself and seven new tracks, Lee has disinterred a compelling and successfully diverse death metal album that nauseatingly reeks of rot.

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Review: Inexorum – Lore Of The Lakes

Lore Of The Lakes is stylistically reminiscent of 1990s hypnotic black metal and harmonically in the vein of melodic death metal. It’s also a lyrical study of a person or people’s persevering nature in the face of adversity, with both positive outcomes and mournful conclusions. The result of these homages and deep dives into personal histories is one worth listening to over and over again. Continue reading “Review: Inexorum – Lore Of The Lakes

Transmission II: Major Tours And Furious Music

Didn’t keep up with the news last week? Here’s everything you missed from July 16 to July 22, condensed down.

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Review: Skeletonwitch – Devouring Radiant Light

I wanted to like Devouring Radiant Light. I don’t, but I wanted to. Post-Chance Garnette Skeletonwitch seemed promising enough with new vocalist Adam Clemans on the 2016 comeback EP The Apothic Gloom. All they had to do was step up their game just a notch or two to really deliver something killer. The two singles off Devouring Radiant Light indicated that maybe they did. In context with the rest of the album, that’s not the case.

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Review: Bloodletter – Under The Dark Mark

It’s only a matter of time before Bloodetter gets picked up by a label. Their new full-length Under The Dark Mark is heavy on the modern thrash sound with songs that get in, fuck you up for about two minutes, and leave before the next one shows up. If you’re a fan of bands like Vektor, Black Fast, and Havok, then you’re going to dig this one.

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