Review: The Secret – Lux Tenebris

It’s been six years since the last release from The Secret, and somewhere along the way they’ve completely mutated their Swedish-influenced crust punk sound. Now the Italian quartet returns to the world with three swirling tracks that lean heavily into a more spellbinding black metal sound from whose void rises a monolithic version of The Secret of yesteryear.

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Review: Omnium Gatherum – The Burning Cold

Melodic death metal has turned into a bit of a niche genre over the years and has its clear-cut classic bands. Omnium Gatherum has indisputably become one of those bands. Guitarist Markus Vanhala and his rotating cast have cranked out some seriously solid material over the course of now nine albums in 22 years, with The Burning Cold being among one of their best efforts.

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Review: Crawl – Rituals

Dismember and Skitsystem have been dead for a while now. American bands have been riffing on variations of both their sounds over the past few years, but there’s something in the water of Sweden that makes the Swedes get it more right and truer to the classics than anyone else. Which is especially exciting when the two are combined into face-pummeling heaviness like Crawl.

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Review: Ancestors – Suspended In Reflections

Suspended In Reflections plays out like an elongated dream. You’re floating in a sea of violet-blue light that reaches out into the expanses of forever one second, then you’re standing naked in the desert the next. Then you’re drowning. Then you’re back to the light. The cycle continues. Much like a dream, Ancestors weaves its aural tapestry of tangentially unrelated ideas into a beautiful, shimmering vision that couldn’t possibly make sense anywhere else but here.

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Review: Bummer – Holy Terror

Listening to Bummer‘s new album Holy Terror is like trying to mosh as hard you can in the pit for 24 minutes straight. Admirable, but you cannot keep up. You will either be destroyed completely or consumed and spit out into the safety of a potentially merciless crowd. Either way, you’ll be standing on the precipice of the ever-unfolding chaos with a shit-eating grin on your face excited about diving in again.

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Review: Primitive Man / Unearthly Trance – Split

Primitive Man and Unearthly Trance‘s split is about noise and sludgy, skull-breaking riffs. It’s about atmospheric suffering and how to create hateful doom by only alluding to it half the time. It’s a split whose pitch-black heaviness is constantly lurking in the background, waiting. Watching. Occasionally striking but never killing. Teasing but never getting to the act itself.

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Transmission V: Featuring Warrel Dane, High On Fire, Disentomb, Extol, and more!

Didn’t keep up with the news last week? Here’s everything you missed from August 6 to August 12.

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