Mostly Yelling’s Top 10 Album Of 2018 (So Far)

The year is half over and 10 albums have really stood out to me thus far. As a rule for this post, all 10 chosen albums must have been released by July 1. This way everyone can check out the full album if they’re into it and I don’t end up spoiling any coming reviews.

To the list!

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Review: Lesser Glow – Ruined

Lesser Glow does not tell you about the events leading up to the apocalypse. Instead, you’re dropped right into the desolate gloom and you’ll stay there wandering for a full 25 minutes. There are no signs of life. What light there is will never shine beyond a muted luminescence. Breathing in the dust is difficult and painful. Lesser Glow paints the bleak audible equivalent picture of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road with their debut Ruined and it’s nothing short of great.

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