Review: Ancestors – Suspended In Reflections

Suspended In Reflections plays out like an elongated dream. You’re floating in a sea of violet-blue light that reaches out into the expanses of forever one second, then you’re standing naked in the desert the next. Then you’re drowning. Then you’re back to the light. The cycle continues. Much like a dream, Ancestors weaves its aural tapestry of tangentially unrelated ideas into a beautiful, shimmering vision that couldn’t possibly make sense anywhere else but here.

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Review: Lesser Glow – Ruined

Lesser Glow does not tell you about the events leading up to the apocalypse. Instead, you’re dropped right into the desolate gloom and you’ll stay there wandering for a full 25 minutes. There are no signs of life. What light there is will never shine beyond a muted luminescence. Breathing in the dust is difficult and painful. Lesser Glow paints the bleak audible equivalent picture of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road with their debut Ruined and it’s nothing short of great.

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