Review: Pig Destroyer – Head Cage

It’s been six years since Book Burner, and to add an extra layer of intrigue to Pig Destroyer‘s comeback album, Head Cage is the first time the band has ever had a bassist in their 20-plus year career. The metal world was ready for a new album. The world is getting Head Cage, a toothless outing that disjointedly presents a ton of different styles without being done to any remarkable standard.

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Review: Obscura – Diluvium

Founding Obscura guitarist and vocalist Steffen Kummerer said upon entering the studio for Diluvium that the album would be “diverse, progressive and colorful in every possible way.” Kummerer is right in the same way you’d be right in calling space pretty big. Diluvium is heavy and mindbogglingly technical without belaboring the point, yet incorporates enough straightforward writing and experimentation to keep any listener constantly hooked.

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Review: Yob – Our Raw Heart

Nobody in metal right now is as qualified as Yob frontman Mike Scheidt to write an album this hypnotically beautiful and deeply peaceful, or this existentially violent with such a breathtaking resolution to serenity. Mainly because Scheidt nearly didn’t live to write the album.

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